Friday, December 9, 2011


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Dreaming the Dream
"Waking reality is like the Moon refelcted upon the Ocean." Nagarjuna
(25"x 26" framed $500)

I Am Told That The Sea Bore Him Into A Harbor/ Ancestor
"The anchor is a wandering knight's mark, mine has struck my father's land
Let him now take it upon himself who will; I must now bear my father's arms.
I must now live the life of the living." Wolfram
(21"x 22" framed $400)

Oh, Where Is My Desire Hunting Me
(22"x 24" framed $400) 

Queen Of Life
"A whole afternoon field inside me from one stem of reed,
Inside me I have a garden and an underground spring." Rumi
(26"x 22" framed $500) 

Open Up, I Want To Come Into Your Heart
"To be empowered by a vision, the individual may have to be disempowered first"
Sussman (24"x 26 framed $400) 

In Reality You Are Me, Even If Our Names Are Different
"You have conquered your own self, if your heart practices loyalty.
Others may think they see me in the battle, but I shall know it was you."
Wolfram (25"x 30" framed $600)

Let My Wounds Be Seen To
By Someone Skilled In Such Matters
"If you would like to see me live, then you must give me help." Wolfram
(26"x 22" framed $500)

"We should respect life on that mundane level, because the way to implement
our vision for society is to bring it down to a single household." Chogyam Trungpa
"the procreative power of the young person links the communities of the past and
present to the communities of the future." Sussman
(25"x 26" framed $400)

Finding The Way
The containing circle of the soul frames the target of the heart
through which the spirit pierces.
(30"x 20" framed $400)

The Ability To Wait In Courageous Trust
"actually creates the conditions for whatever is awaited to arrive" Sardello
(30"x 20" framed $400) 

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of our exploring
will be to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time"
Wolfram (11"x 16" framed $175)